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Coping and Hoping- A retreat for ministry couples with wayward or prodigal children.jpg

Coping and Hoping:

A retreat for ministry couples with wayward or prodigal children:

There are few circumstances that bring more sadness, heartache, shame, embarrassment, self-doubt, guilt, and grief to a ministry couple than to see their child walk away from the faith and maybe even the family and go the way of the prodigal.

  • Where did we go wrong?

  • Am I still qualified to be a leader in the church?
  • Is there anything we can do to get our child back?

  • How do we deal with the judgement and criticism of others?

  • How do we come to terms with this reality as a couple or as individuals?

  • How have others dealt with this heartbreaking circumstance?

  • Doesn’t the Bible say that if you raise up children in the way they should go that when they are grown they won’t depart from it?

  • ​How can we hang on to hope in the face of what can seem like hopeless circumstances?

A special retreat is planned for clergy couples who are dealing with wayward or prodigal sons and daughters. The retreat will be led by Rev. Dr. Mark Hannemann, LPC, LMHP, CLC and Jill Dodge, LCSW, a long-time Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat Counselor. Mark Hannemann is the President of GracePoint Ministries with offices in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. 


Mark Hannemann is the Executive Director of Good Friend Ministries in Traverse City, MI, which provides retreats and counseling for clergy couples. He also serves as the President of GracePoint Institute for Relational Health, with counseling offices in Lincoln, Omaha, and Columbus, NE.  


Jill Dodge has presented on this topic at the Best Practices for Ministry Conference in Phoenix.

The cost for this 4-day retreat, October 31-November 4, will be $1,000 per person + travel. Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat will arrange transportation from the Phoenix airport.

For registration please contact Phil Lee at 206-601-5217.

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