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Thank you in advance for your generosity. Each donation goes toward efforts to provide spiritual and emotional healing for Christian leaders who are in need. Your support is making a difference for those we serve in the U.S. and around the world. Many thanks!  

Checks can be sent to:

Shepherd's Canyon Retreat

P.O. Box 51510

Phoenix, AZ 85076

• A new or used pickup
• A commercial washer & dryer - $2500 each
• Shade Sails for the eight Fellowship House patios $1500
•A gently used or nearly new travel trailer (for volunteer housing)

Credit Card Donations


Thrivent Choice Dollars are expiring soon!  
If you have insurance with or investments with Thrivent, be sure to choose Shepherd's Canyon Retreat before the end of March!  Thrivent Choice Dollars are grant funds from Thrivent to give back to organizations and causes you care about.  Go to: 

The Bill and Lucille Sapp Lodge

In January 2019 we received a gift from our friends, Bill and Lucille Sapp, from Ashland, Nebraska, for a 12-bedroom building which we decided to call the “Bill and Lucille Sapp Lodge”. Several permitting issues + skyrocketing construction costs prevented us from building at that time.  With Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat clients, counselors, the retreat chaplain, and volunteers who come without RVs, we are out of room!  The Lodge has been redesigned with six bedrooms. During counseling retreats two bedrooms will be used as private counseling rooms; three bedrooms will house retreat counselors and the chaplain. One bedroom will be reserved for volunteers. The meeting room will be equipped with a small kitchen for use by volunteers. The Lodge will be built by professional workers with the interior finished by volunteers. We are now raising $150,000 which will be added to the Sapp’s gift in order to cover construction and finishing costs. The Lodge will be built in the Spring of 2023.

  • 1,700 clergy leaving pastoral ministry each month

  • 70% of Pastors do not have someone they consider a close friend

  • 61% of congregations have forced a pastor to leave

  • 50% have considered leaving the ministry in the last month

Source: The Barna Research Group, Christianity Today "​When Life Becomes A Crisis for Pastors, Spouses,  And Ministry Leaders"

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