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The Prayer Garden 

This prayer garden has been dedicated to the memory of Kristine K. Hasse, daughter of Kay and Glenn Hasse, a lovely young lady residing in the arms of Jesus.  As stones are left at the foot of the cross, we again remember a mighty, loving, God and Father, who continues to exchange our pain for His healing victory in our lives. 

Standing Stones

Rock Monuments, the symbol of the name Standing Stones.

Standing Stones

Each stone has been erected and inscribed with scripture references and prayers for contemplative reflection.

The Perfect Escape

The Standing Stones Prayer Garden is a quiet place that allows you to lose yourself in the Majestic presence of our Lord.

The Fountain

You will experience the relaxing sound of babbling waters that wash into a small pond filled with stones that have all been hand selected and placed in the garden.

Large Stones for Seating

Larger stones of brilliant color and design have been placed throughout the garden for seating.

At the Cross

During Shepherd's Canyon Retreat Ministry events, participants join in an ending ceremony at the cross. When you visit, you will be able to see the various stones at the cross that have been laid by people who have come with many problems and left their problems written on a stone at the foot of the cross. You are invited to do the same.

The View from The White Fence

The Prayer Garden is enclosed by a white fence that overlooks the beautiful landscape of the Arizona hills and mountains that appear to touch the colorful sky. An amazing prayer garden backdrop.

Trees in the Prayer Garden

Along the walking path, you will see several trees. Some flowering trees and some fruit bearing trees.

Standing Stones In The Garden

Each Stone in the prayer garden represents a place in the Bible where God proved Himself faithful in the lives of His people.

A Landscape of Stones

Throughout the prayer garden, stones create a path to guide the way to areas designed for solitude and prayer.

Trees In Full Bloom

Depending on when you come, typically springtime, you will find trees in fresh bloom.

The Sunset

The night sky is just as beautiful from the prayer garden as it is from any scenic outdoor view at Standing Stones Conference & Retreat Center. A beautiful backdrop overlooking the Arizona mountains.

Each Stone Carefully Erected

Each stone was carefully selected and are beautiful, varied in color and representative of our name.

Here is an aerial view of our grounds, enjoy! 

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