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Dave and Barb Anderson are the founders of Shepherd's Canyon Retreat Ministry and Standing Stones Conference & Retreat Center. Shepherd's Canyon Retreat Ministry is a specialized counseling program  for burned-out church workers and their spouses. The Retreats are held at Standing Stones Conference & Retreat Center.  Dave and Barb Anderson began their musical careers in 1975,  their dedication to serving God through this ministry is the fulfillment of a mandate to the call of God on their lives. They have recorded numerous albums and have led worship before congregations great and small for more than 36 years. Their worship style includes a mix of contemporary and traditional Christian music. Dave and Barb's concert ministry has included well over 5,600 evening worship concerts and weekend worship services in churches and concert venues throughout America and abroad including, 


Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, 

Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, New Zealand, 

Sweden, Norway and more than 20 times to Australia. 


The duo were featured singers at a Billy Graham Crusade, an experience 

very dear to them both, and a treasured memory.


There have been many highlights in their musical career/ministry-one high on their list is many years during the season of Christmas, traveling with the beloved and reknowed Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, as he shared story after story recounting his lifelong traveling as an outspoken ambassador for Jesus Christ. Dave and Barb have been featured worship and music leaders at large conferences.  Their ministry has sponsored over 250 Worship and Music Conferences and Seminars. 


They have published several music books including

"The Other Songbook" and "The Best of the Best in Contemporary Worship" and are the authors of the book Rescued by The Hand of God.


In August of 1993, Dave and Barb accompanied by five others set out on a missionary journey that would alter their lives forever. The mission was to minister to people in a remote community of less than 3,000 who had never before heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


On their way back to Alaska from the Russian Far East, the unthinkable happened. Dave and Barb's plane crashed into the Bering Sea!


It was about 140 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 22 1/2 miles from Nome, Alaska. The seven team members spent nearly an hour in 36 degree water. (life expectancy is between 5 and 13 minutes.) Their rescue has been called one of the most dramatic air/sea rescues in history. This story has been told in Guideposts, Christian Reader Magazine, The Lutheran, The Lutheran Witness, and seen on TBN, CBN's 700 Club, Daystar, and heard numerous times on Focus On The Family and on Canadian television's 100 Huntley Street, in English and around the world in 12 other languages. 

Their  heartfelt story of both faith and miracles is being used to minister to believers and unbelievers - people in all stages of life, particularly those who are facing "impossible" circumstances. 

Dave Anderson is also the founder of Lutheran Youth Encounter (later known as Youth Encounter), which was based in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Renewal House, Los Angeles California,  (the first Lutheran sponsored drug rehabilitation program in the US).  Dave and Barb Anderson are residents of the Phoenix, Arizona area. They are the loving parents of one son, he is married and lives in Tuscon. "We have been blessed with two wonderful grandchildren." 

  • They have been seen around the world on the following media outlets. 

TBN          CBN        DAYSTAR    100 HUNTLY STREET 

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