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The Therapeutic  MODEL 

Our approach is biblically based, and prayer-driven.  We are expectant and dependent on God's ability to do great things for those who come to a retreat.  The emphasis is compassionate- and grace-driven, which is essential to the care of all professional church workers and their spouses.  We use the psychological understanding of our therapists combined, and supported by our retreat chaplain to create an atmosphere where the Spirit of God works.  Our volunteers join in this process by showing loving care to the participants.  This is accomplished in a safe and confidential environment which allows the participants to humbly and prayerfully encourage and exhort one another.  The small group format encourages meaningful, personal, reflection and creates a "new" support system among the participants.

Our goal is to make sure our participants return home having experienced God's healing love and grace while at Shepherd's Canyon Retreat. 

Prayer is an essential element of transformation for those who come to a retreat.  Shepherd's Canyon Retreat maintains an ongoing prayer ministry through "Shepherd's Canyon Retreat Prayer Partners" and prayer groups in congregations across America.

"In Christ we have redemption through His Blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that He positively impacted on us with all wisdom and understanding."

Ephesians 1

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