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Chaplain Page
Thanks for volunteering!
look forward to your arrival.
Please click on the links below.

Chaplain Handbook

Please read this thoroughly BEFORE you arrive.

Chaplain Training Video

Please watch this video BEFORE you arrive.

Travel Information

Food Sensitivities or Dietary Restrictions

Confidentiality Form

What We Have & What To Bring

Daily Schedule

Chaplain Schedule 2024

Volunteer Skill Sheet (Optional)

If your spouse is coming, we will be glad to have her help with light kitchen prep and cleanup.  If she would like to be used in other ways or in additional ways, she may fill out this form.

Communion Policy

On page 12 of the chaplain handbook it says: "...please keep in mind that the Chaplain, Participants and/or Counselors are very possibly from various Synods or Denominations, and respecting Shepherd’s Canyon’s LCMS RSO status, Holy Communion is not officially a part of the Retreat Experience, unless it is expressly requested by any Participant(s)." - If anyone requests communion, we simply ask the chaplains to offer it in a private setting, similar to how pastors offer it to their homebound members.  This also allows for personal confession and absolution to be a part of that experience.    ALL Christian ministry workers and their spouses are welcome to our retreats, but unfortunately corporate communion is not something that we can offer as a standard part of every retreat.

Wives - What to Expect

Per Diem Rates for 2025

Starting in 2025, there will no longer be a $400 honorarium for chaplains in addition to flight reimbursement.  Instead each chaplain will receive a $500 per diem to cover flights, meals, parking, share rides, luggage, etc.  Wives who come as volunteers will get a $400 per diem for travel.

Our staff and volunteers are praying for you and we look forward to serving with you!

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